One Strong Voice for Members
One Strong Voice for Members

One Strong Voice For Professional Technical Healthcare Workers

When it comes to Professional, Technical, Paramedical employees MAHCP has led bargaining on many fronts, including the Grievance Investigation Process; the portability of employees’ seniority and benefits between MAHCP employers across the province; and first to negotiate Maternity Leave top-up for full-time and part-time members. Other unions followed in our footsteps.

Our History

MAHCP has nearly 50 years of experience in representing and advocating for health care professionals in Manitoba. We have a unique perspective and work hard on behalf of our members.

Our Executive Council is comprised exclusively of health care professionals and is led by President Bob Moroz, a Radiation Therapist seconded to MAHCP from CancerCare Manitoba.

MAHCP is also unique when it comes to bargaining, as our process allows any member to submit a proposal for collective bargaining.

MAHCP’s in-house Legal Counsel has fought for our members’ rights all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our Only Focus is Health Care

MAHCP is the only union in Manitoba that is dedicated exclusively to representing Professional, Technical and Paramedical health care employees.

As a union of approximately 3,900 members, we remain dedicated to representing more than 160 Allied Health disciplines. Our members’ concerns are our concerns, and seeing as we specialize in paramedical and technical professions, our members receive our undivided attention. Health care is our focus and will not be overshadowed by the concerns of larger groups, such as health care support, maintenance or even non-health care related groups.

We Have a Direct-Service Model

Unlike other unions, MAHCP has a direct-service model, not locals, which means that members are free to call their assigned Labour Relations Officer. Other union structures involve locals, therefore members first must consult with their local (either a single person or a committee) before their concern reaches a Labour Relations Officer. MAHCP does not expect you to rely on workplace colleagues to handle your grievances.

Better representation: we have a history of low ratios of members to each one of our Labour Relations Officers, which means that LROs can better manage their portfolios and provide attention and support to members. Our current ratio is an average of 500 members to one LRO.