One Strong Voice For Manitobans
One Strong Voice For Manitobans

Your Care is on the Line

It is evident that the Pallister government is willing to add to the erosion of Manitoba health care which has been affected by recent cuts that include, staff layoffs, reducing senior care, cutting post-surgical care in hospitals including physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Bill 29 is more than an inconvenience, it is a disruption to our livelihoods and a thorn in the system that offers care to our families and loved ones. These cuts will impact our comminutes greatly, leaving the people of Manitoba paying the biggest price of all–their health.

Adding insult to injury, the government is implementing Bill 28 along with Bill 29. These two bills are the one-two combination Manitobans could do without.

Bill 28 - Freezes wages placing a cap on all public-sector wage increases. The result; individuals that provide your health services will struggle to meet the ever-growing cost of living while putting extreme demands on their families.

Bill 29 - Slashes the number of health care bargaining units in the province. This will divide entire labour relations and union bodies in the province, while weakening the voices of health care workers–A government ploy that will impact not only healthcare workers, but each and every Manitoban.

A Voice For Health Care

When it comes to patient care and recovery, the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals are on hand when you need them most. Whether arriving by ambulance to meet your urgent needs or behind the scenes running tests and getting you results, the paramedical and technical experts of MAHCP keep Manitoba's health care system running.

For 50 years, MAHCP has been the only union in Manitoba focused solely on supporting Manitoba’s paramedical and technical health care professionals.

MAHCP represents over 160 disciplines across the province. Each and every health care worker that provides these specialized services matters. And because we understand the work they do, how they do it and why these professions are so vital to our health care system, MAHCP remains dedicated to a stable future for Manitoba’s health care.

Our members’ concerns will not be overshadowed by the concerns of larger groups, such as health care support, maintenance or even non-health care related groups. Our collective voice, fights for our members and for your health care services, which makes us uniquely positioned to keep Manitoba health care strong.

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