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For over 50 years, MAHCP has been at the forefront of Manitoba’s Healthcare, advocating for professionals throughout our community.

Be heard... Show your support in working together to keep Manitoba health care strong.


  • Karen, Registered Cardiology Technologist, Winnipeg
  • Nathan, MAHCP LRO, Winnipeg
  • Garrett, MAHCP LRO, Winnipeg
  • Danielle, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Winnipeg
  • Bernice, MAHCP Comms Officer, Winnipeg
  • Bronwynn, Respiratory Therapist, Winnipeg
  • Jake, MAHCP Legal Counsel, Winnipeg
  • Angie, MAHCP LRO, Winnipeg
  • Tyler, Radiation Therapist, Winnipeg
  • Cheryl, Activity Worker, Winnipeg
  • Shelley, Physiotherapist, Winnipeg
  • Lisa, Respiratory Therapist, Winnipeg
  • Lesa, Health Promotion Specialist, The Pas
  • Bob, MAHCP President and Radiation Therapist, Winnipeg
  • Allison, Laboratory Technologist, Winnipeg
  • Lee, MAHCP Executive Director, Winnipeg
  • Rachiel, MAHCP Administrative Assistant, Winnipeg
  • Birgit, MAHCP LRO, Winnipeg
  • Lori, Restorative Care Coordinator, The Pas
  • Sharla, Radiation Therapist, Brandon
  • Tara, Medical Physics Associate, Winnipeg
  • Tanya, Pharmacy Assistant, Thompson
  • Greg, Senior Radiation Protection Officer, Winnipeg
  • Arlene, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Winnipeg
  • Chelsea, MAHCP LRO, Winnipeg
  • Geoff, X-ray Technologist, Winnipeg
  • Cathy, MAHCP Administrative Assistant, Winnipeg
  • Emma, Medical Laboratory Assistant, Winnipeg
  • Janet, MAHCP Admin Supervisor, Winnipeg
  • Jessica, Respiratory Therapist, Winnipeg
  • Michael, Radiology Technologist, Winnipeg

Manitoba health care professionals impact our communities every day, and with more change on the horizon, it’s important to recognize and support the more than 160 disciplines that are represented by MAHCP.

The Manitoba Association of Healthcare Professionals is the only union in Manitoba dedicated exclusively to representing professional, technical and paramedical health care employees.

For 50 years, MAHCP has advocated for Manitoba’s health care professionals, standing up for what matters and protecting health care, which in turn protects our community. We understand the importance of seeing eye to eye on values that matter most to our members and Manitobans alike.

We believe there is strength in numbers, but never underestimate the power of one.


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MAHCP is a union of health care professionals dedicated to protecting, advocating for, and advancing the rights of its members through labour relations activities.

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